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Trigger Warnings

This book is intended for mature audiences due to explicit language and sexual content. Contains steamy scenes, but there are NO M/M scenes. No cheating. Includes warfare and violence. Reference to amnesia. Reference to substance abuse and OD. Reference to domestic violence.

Broken Warriors

Series: Intergalactic Enosis: The Pyxis System

I know who I want but can never have.

Then this alien prince comes to Earth to claim me as his mate. 

He says he knows me, but amnesia has taken away my memories.

He states that both Hunter and I are his mates, but how can that possibly be?

I never thought that once the words were uttered they would stick and take root. 

But they did, and now I want them both.

Broken Warriors, book 4 in the Intergalactic Enosis: The Pyxis System series, is a science fiction alien warrior MFM ménage romance featuring a human female and two males—one alien, one human—that are determined to claim their fated mate. No M/M. No cheating. Happily ever after guaranteed!

The series is best enjoyed when books are read in order.

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Back on Earth.

We made sure to stay in stealth mode until we were inside the White House. I didn’t want to risk any paparazzi taking pictures of my mates or the ship yet. Everyone would go crazy, and we had important matters to discuss first.
   So when we appeared out of thin air in front of the welcoming desk, there was an uproar.
Armed men surrounded us in a matter of seconds, and my mates along with the Royal Guards formed a protective circle around me.
   Yelling, growls and a few curses were all I could discern, but the volume was increasing by the second—the situation escalating rapidly—and unless I did something, things would spiral downward quickly.
   None of my men could pass for human, but maybe the sight of one would calm down the security guards.
   At least I hoped it did.
   So I sneakily stepped out of the protective circle, or so I thought when Arana roared—the chilling sound revealing the predator hiding in our midst.
   Momentarily, everyone froze.
   Fuck. I was in trouble for sure.
   ‘Oh you bet, Mate! That was not our plan,’ he said.
   Even though I tried to hold my position, Arana, Rorc, and Mes formed a wall in front of me. But my plan had worked. The guards stopped yelling, and even though they didn’t lower their guns, they started asking questions.
   “Woman, are you in danger?” one of them asked, and a giggle escaped my lips before I could control my reaction.
   Dammit! River was rubbing off on me because I didn’t giggle. “No,” I said out loud. “We need to speak to the President.”
   “We cannot do that,” someone else replied, irritating me. What did he think they could do?
   ‘My loves, let me pass,’ I implored my mates.
   ‘No.’ Mes was absolute.
   That would make the situation a bit harder. But no matter, there was an important reason why we were here, and I couldn’t let them divert us from our goal.
   So injecting alpha command into my voice, with a salt of persuasion, I ordered, “Take us to him now.”
   The human security detail turned around as one—like puppets manipulated by the string master—and led us farther into the White House.
   They stopped once we arrived outside the Oval Office, and the leading officer knocked on the door.
   Someone opened it and sucked in a deep breath when he noticed their security men’s blank faces along with the alien crowd formed by my mates and our guards behind them.
   They made for quite a sight, and I was proud of them.
   Again, there was yelling on their part, and I let it continue because I wanted to show them we meant no harm. We only needed to warn the president and form an alliance. Easy-peasy.
   Finally, the president, who probably recognized he had no choice, put an end to the heated discussion. “Let them in,” he ordered, and his men obeyed.
   The Oval Room was suddenly too crowded. Too many aliens, who took up too much space anyway due to their size, and too many guards.
   Loves send the Royal Guards back to the ship. They aren’t needed here. The humans aren’t a match for one of you, let alone three of you. I kept myself out of the equation, hoping to appeal to their egos.
   Comparing notes with Tris and River, I’d realized that every male—no matter the species—had one. And with the right kind of stroking, a woman could get much accomplished.
   'Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing. That’s a second punishment earned in just a short while.' Mes’s growly voice had me tinkling in all the right places.
   Oh! A second punishment, especially accompanied by their brand of pleasure, was not bad, not bad at all.
   “Aux and Dagoner, stay, the rest go back to the ship. Do not engage with the humans.” Rorc gave the order in Saberian. By now we could all speak English, Saberian, and Wravukian, but we had agreed to let the humans know as little as possible.
   Funny how I did not identify myself as human anymore. When had I stopped?
   You are not one anymore. Dawn, who’d been curled in the recesses of my mind, lifted her head and put in her two cents.
   I am partly human, kitty cat, I told her, but she’d already gone back to sleep.
   When my mates were present, and she did not feel a threat around us, she’d trust in them to take care of us—and so far they’d always done so.
   My warriors obeyed their Third King’s order and slipped silently out of the room.
   “Where are they going?” a guard asked.
   “Back to our ship,” I informed them.
   “Call them back immediately,” he ordered and pointed his gun at. “There is no ship. We would have seen it.”
   I immediately put out my hands to stop the two mates closest to me from attacking the not-so-bright man. “Really? How do you think we got here? We drove?” My sarcasm was evident, but I could feel the situation escalating again. So I told Admiral Thora to uncloak our ship only. I pasted a smile on my face and suggested, “You might want to take a look out the window.” My voice dripped with sugar.
   Mr. President did, along with a few others. There were a few gasps and awed murmurs as the reflection of the sun on the shiny chrome of the exterior of the ship blinded them.
   When they turned their attention back to us, I told them, “Now that we got the subject of our transportation out of the way, how about we get back to business? We are here to talk to you, Mr. President, alone.” 
   Ruckus followed my statement, but the president seemed to find his voice. “Who are you?”
   “These are Arana, Rorc, and Mes. Kings of Saber. I am Kalista Foster, Queen of Saber. These two are Aux and Dagoner Royal Guards of Saber.”
   “You’re human, they aren’t.”
   I was about to say thanks, genius, for the observation, but I held my tongue. Sarcasm would not help in this tense situation, so instead, I went with honesty.
   “Yes, before I became a Queen by marriage, I was a Brigadier General serving as a Deputy Commander to the commanding General of the First Armored Division.”
   I said, sticking as close to the truth as possible.
   He seemed satisfied with my answer, but then he asked, “How did they get you?” The president was sharp.
   But too many witnesses were in the room, and I had to tell someone else first about what was going on before it leaked to the press.
   “Mr. President, what we came here to tell you is sensitive information. We pose no harm to you, I promise you that. Please tell your guards to leave the room.” I made sure to add a dash of persuasion to my suggestion at the end.
   Someone whispered something in his ear, unaware we could hear every word.
   My little beastie came with cool, new abilities, which by now I had learned to utilize to full capacity, and I was shocked to hear I was considered dead.
   My muscles went numb, and instantly I felt three hands on me—my mates sensing my distress. I send a small smile their way.
   “I’m afraid I cannot do that,” the president replied.
   And I had enough. “Don’t test our patience, Mr. President. Our word stands. Do you think if we wanted you dead, you would still be standing? If a demonstration of power will convince you, we’ll gladly give you one.”
   ‘Arana, I need you to give the order, and I will channel the command through you.’ None of my mates had manifested mind control abilities, or any other Saberian for that matter in the last few centuries—and even before that it was a rare gift—but mine seemed to be getting stronger as time passed.
   “Leave us,” he ordered in Saberian.
   His deep, throaty voice always got to me. My core heated, and my breath hitched in my lungs. Mind out of the gutter, Kali.
   ‘I always love it when you talk to yourself,’ Rorc’s remarked amused.
   One by one, the human guards left the room.
   “How did you do that?” The tremble in the president’s voice was pronounced.
   “They are different from humans.” I let it at that, not wanting him to know more than the absolutely necessary. “Now can we sit down and discuss matters like civilized people?”

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