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Read on for an excerpt (unedited-subject to change)

LtGen wants you in his office in ten, General Foster. I’m off for the day, see you


   I couldn’t avert my eyes from my secretary’s message on the computer’s screen.

Bile burned in the back of my throat. An uncontrollable shudder swept through my


   Slamming my palm on the desk, I shot up, my chair falling backward.

   The bastard. He wanted me to meet him in his office after the rest of the staff departed.


   Six months had passed since I resumed duty. During the first couple of weeks, he had been here, and we had many meetings. His behavior remained cordial the whole time. He acted as if he cared for what his best friend’s daughter had been through. Then he left on a classified operation. That gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with my colleagues and settle into my new role stress-free.

   Well, until now.

   I could feel the headache forming in the back of my head. It took conscious effort to relax my shoulders and then stretch my neck muscles.

   'If you so much tell a soul about this, I will destroy your father’s career and put this little video we just created online. You don’t want that, do you?' His disgusting threat delivered in a sugary sweet voice from all those years ago reverberated in my head.

   His words had crushed me then, had made me feel helpless… weak… trapped. And they still had the same effect.

   I would give up my career in a heartbeat if it meant punishment for his action, but I couldn’t destroy my father’s life.

   “Deep breath in, Kali, deep breath in… He is your Commanding General, you’ll have to work together. Let the past stay buried in the past. He probably wants your report.”

   Talking to myself was a habit I picked up after losing my team. The nights during the first few weeks had been brutal.               Whenever I closed my eyes, it would happen all over again.

   I tried meditation; it didn’t help.

   I tried therapy; it didn’t help either.

   Pushing my body to its limits, until exhaustion put me under, was what ended up working.

   I used my ten minutes to regain my composure, then I walked, chin lifted, toward his office. Knocked on the door and waited.

   “Come in.”

   I entered and formally saluted him. “Lieutenant General.”

   Out of habit, my brain registered everything in the room, the exits, the window, and his weapons.

   Although many years had passed since that fateful day, his appearance had changed little. His brown hair was now gray, his face a bit thinner than before made the rest of his features look even sharper, and he still kept himself in great shape.

   “At ease, Brigadier. Sit down,” he said while typing on his computer.

   The ensuing silence was uncomfortable. Whether it was on purpose, I didn’t know, but I wouldn’t give him the pleasure of seeing me fidget.

   He finished whatever he was doing and turned his brown eyes to me. “Thomas informed me you’ve settled in the office. Has anybody given you grief?”

   What the hell? Was he keeping tabs on me?

   “I’ve been here for six months. More than enough time to acclimate, and get to know everybody, Sir,” I deadpanned.

   Had he called me to chitchat?

   “Good, good,” he mumbled and got up.

   I lost sight of him. Eying the exits, I debated whether I should get up and leave when his palm landed on my throat. I jumped up, hoping he’d let go. He didn’t. Instead, he tightened his hold while wrapping his other arm around my waist and pulling me backward.

   Something hard poked me in the ass. Did he seriously have an erection right now?

   “You’ve grown Kalista. You’ve filled out,” he said, nipping the bud of my ear. “I thought having you once would quench my thirst, but you are an addiction I plan to indulge in.” His voice dropped as his fingers squeezed tighter, cutting my airway.           “Inquiring minds want to know. Did you let your men touch you like this?” He grabbed my breast and pinched it.

   Hell no!

   I leaned forward, then in the next instant backward head-butted him. He cursed when I threw my weight to the side, making him lose balance and loosen his grip on me. Elbowing him in the stomach, I wrenched myself free.

   “Did you think I’d ever let you do that to me again?” I said, fighting the urge to take one of his guns and shoot him point-blank.

   “You cunt,” he spat and lunged at me.

   Just before his fist connected to my jaw, I stepped backward. I retaliated with a left jab which he deflected, but caught him with my right hook under the chin. His head snapped back, and he fell on his ass.

   “I’ll leave and pretend that this never happened.” My voice never wavered, but inside I was a trembling mess.

   He got up and straightened his uniform, as if he didn’t have a care in the world, before piercing me with his beady brown eyes. “Oh, it’ll happen, and you’ll accept it unless you want me to destroy your career and bring down your father in the process too.”

   “Try touching me again and I’ll fucking kill you.”

   Without waiting for a reply, I spun around and stalked out of his office.

   “We’ll see about that.” He chuckled but didn’t follow.

   Grabbing my bag, I raced outside to my car, entered it, and locked the doors. I had every intention of driving home fast, but all I managed was to grab the wheel and freeze. The leather crinkled under my clenched fists, and I squeezed my eyes shut.

   I can’t believe this is happening again.

   A heavy feeling settled in my stomach with the realization that as long as I was there, he’d never stop. Tears welled up, and I wiped them away angrily before pressing the start button and driving to my house.

   Nightmares kept me rolling and sweating. Around five I gave up on sleep, got dressed, and went for my morning run.

   Today would suck, but I’d put my big-girl panties on and face whatever challenge my slimy boss would throw my way.