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Book 2

Series: Intergalactic Enosis: The Pyxis System


Abducted by aliens? Check.

Caged naked with other alien females? Check.

Hot, hunky alien male brooding my way? Check.

Oh, God! I’m in trouble.

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My worst nightmare

“Entry points secured,” Atlas reported.
   “Bishop, Stallion, it’s a go,” I whispered.
   We had taken out all the guards in Craden’s sprawling estate in the posh side of Afghanistan. Given though how paranoid of a terrorist he was, I’d rather be safe than sorry.
   “Cobra, prepare for a quick exit,” I ordered.
   “Sure thing, Top.”
   “Target acquired,” Bishop’s voice rang clear through my ear-piece.
   “Target exterminated,” Stallion stated. His tone somber, his usual mirth gone.
   “All right, let’s get out of here boys,” I said as I retreated to our vehicle.
   In less than five seconds, Cobra had the JLTV’s wheels spinning, throwing sand and gravel behind us.
   “That was eas—”
   “Don’t jinx it, Stallion,” Atlas grumbled as an SUV passed us from the opposite direction.
   My gut had been churning since we got assigned this mission. But these were our orders, and we were one of the best teams out there.
   My eyes remained glued on the mirror. Fuck. It was heading straight to the enemy’s mansion. “We’re going to have company. Cobra, take us to base yesterday.”
   Sooner than I’d anticipated, we had five open-top vehicles on our tail. Our Joint Light Tactical Vehicle was fast, but not fast enough. They were gaining on us, but at least, with suicide armored doors, and a cabin wrapped in an armored shell, we could take fire and still make it out alive.
   “Bishop, Atlas get on the Brownings; Stallion, blow up the shitheads; Cobra, floor it,” I barked orders, and the men jumped into action.
   The vibrations from the machine guns firing went through me; electricity stimulated every single muscle in my body. Turning the laptop my way, I sent a distress signal and accessed the satellite feed. Surveying the surrounding areas, I searched for the least compromising route for us.
   “Take that moth—” The loud explosion of one of our pursuers’ cars, muffled Stallion’s voice.
   “Incoming vehicles on our east and west side,” I yelled to our driver, “they’re trying to surround us.”
   He shifted gears and pushed the JLTV to its limits. He was hoping to outrun them.
   “Three remaining,” Bishop reported, as he took another jeep out.
   “Shit! Four o’clock, they got RPGs,” Atlas said, as he spun the M2 and rapid-fired at the hostiles.
   Cobra swerved left.
   “Incoming,” Stallion yelled.
   For a second, time stood still as our vehicle was lifted off the ground.
   My breath caught in my throat.
   My heart stopped beating.
   My eyes met Cobra’s.
   I saw his surprise, regret, and fear in that millisecond.
   Then a tremendous blow hit us; BOOSH! the awful sound of the blast, drowning all others. Immense weight was thrown on me as the JLTV flipped over and I was ejected out of the car through the windshield.
   My breath whooshed out of my lungs with the impact. Dust filled the air as I was lying on the ground, too shocked to move.
   Sand should be soft, not hard like concrete…I’m a hundred percent sure that I should be hurting right now, yet I don’t feel any pain…where am I?…
   Voices speaking Dari caught my attention, but for some reason, I couldn’t turn my head to look at them.
   Why couldn’t I turn my head and why was the sun so bright?
   Exhaustion threatened to pull me under, but I knew I was forgetting something important. My ears were ringing so loud that I heard nothing else. I closed my eyes, hoping to jog my memory. A few moments later my eyelids became too heavy, but I managed to open them again.
   Oooh, what a beautiful kitty…
   Was it hungry? I doubted I was tasty, but it kept prowling my way.
   Oooh, what big teeth it has…
   What I initially thought had been a small kitten, turned out to be an enormous sabertooth who decided sitting on me was its best idea. Strangely, it didn’t add to the weight pressing on my chest and leg, and the fact that this species was extinct, was of no importance at the moment.
   No longer having the strength to keep my eyes open, I shut them. Everything went black one moment and the next loud sounds registered.
   “Don’t you travel to the Vaults of No Return! Hold on for us, we need you,” someone whispered. His deep raspy timbre, breaking the walls I always kept erected around my heart, reaching my soul.
   I wanted to look at him. To see who this stranger was, whose voice—so alien, yet so familiar—had touched my heart. Alas, exhaustion reared its ugly head, making me float into complete and utter darkness.


Pain…excruciating pain brought me back to consciousness. I blinked repeatedly, trying to get something, anything to focus.
   My thigh was on fire…
   Fingers probing my leg…
   Needles piercing my oversensitive skin…
   Yellow gold eyes focused solely on me…
   The sight of a red-skinned man—no, not man, he was something else…
   Was I dead?
   “You will live.”
   His words were foreign to me, yet I understood the meaning.
   Had he just decreed I live? 
   I wanted to laugh, but as he placed his huge hands on my chest, electricity zinged from his palms to my body. Searing heat emanated from his fingers, taking my breath and consciousness away.


Aliens didn’t exist, yet the creatures running around me weren’t human, and I was no longer on familiar grounds.
   I slapped my cheek. There was no feeling.
   Yeah, I’m hallucinating. There was no other explanation.
   The craft we were in lurched sideways, throwing one of the beings on me. An involuntary scream escaped when the huge soldier passed through me.
   Enemies didn’t scare me easily, but having a seven and a half foot alien heading my way, had me jumping out of my bones.
   Okay, Kali, relax. You’re dreaming, probably after watching one of your favorite sci-fi movies. You’re safe. You can explore.
   My pep talk worked. My breathing slowed down, and my heart, only moments before escaping from my chest, settled.
   A purple-skinned soldier with emerald eyes caught my attention. He was barking orders to everyone else.
   Mmm, sexy.
   Where the hell had that come from? I needed to find a way to wake up, not lust after an alien. With limbs heavier than stones, I left the commotion and the very alluring being to go exploring.
   You never know when you will need to navigate a spaceship. I snickered.
   I was in a happy bubble; a tourist on vacation, ambling around when a ton of images flooded my mind’s eye, bringing me to my knees.
   Merely physical pain, I could endure. Emotional, though, was a whole other beast. I curled in the fetus position. Shivering, moaning, and sobbing, as the knowledge of losing my team, of failing to save them, returned to the forefront.
   I wanted to get lost in the darkness, to join my men.
   Suddenly, I was pulled from the spaceship and my wish got granted.


Someone threw a bucket with ice-cold water on me. Or so I thought, because when I looked down, I was dry, and…semi-transparent, and…floating.
   What the heck.
   I whipped my head around. My body was on an operating table, two surgeons working in tandem, and five nurses helping them. The one removing a sizable piece of glass from my thigh was blond, whereas the other removing an equally big piece from my chest had hair the color of a raven’s wings.
   Great. More scars added to my extensive collection. I floated closer.
   I’ve never seen doctors operating on people. Oh…is that my heart? Gross!
   I averted my eyes, but the truth was undeniable. They had blood and fluids going into my body, and a tube through my mouth providing oxygen. I was in terrible shape.
   Maybe it was time I let go, I felt tired, and I had no one to get back to, anyway.
   Your father, a voice whispered, and I hushed it.
   There’s a man for you out there, the voice insisted.
   “Well, now there goes my chance of getting a boyfriend,” I replied, then mumbled, “as if the General who shall not be named, hadn’t ruined me already.”
   The voice quieted, and my eyes reverted to the sight in front of me. The doctors were doing everything in their power to save my life.
   What was the point? I had been fighting for my country since I came of age and I felt drained empty. My worst nightmare had become reality. I had lost my team. They were all I had. Maybe it would be better if I joined them.
   Having decided, I spun around, ready to leave the living behind. Tingling morphed into pins and needles and then into sharp stabbing pains all over me, stole my breath. The doctor working on my leg looked at the HRM, cursing.
   They had it connected to my body. Shrill noises sounded when my heart started skipping beats.
   “Hunter, her blood pressure is falling radically, we’re losing her,” the blond doc told his colleague.
   “Let me die,” I said, but no one heard me.
   “Damn, the left main coronary artery burst,” Dr. Hunter replied.
   I didn’t want to hear anything else. I could see the four semi-transparent figures of my teammates waiting for me, outlined by the white light in the distance. My gut, which had never steered me wrong, insisted that in a little bit, there would be no more pain. All I had to do was persevere until I reached the light.
   Time to join them, I guess.
   The moment the thought crossed my mind, I heard a very guttural growl, and words I couldn’t understand, coming from behind me.
   The deep timbre of the owner intrigued me, and I turned around toward the theater once again. What I saw made me gasp, and my body on the table convulsed. The doctors were yelling things at me or maybe at the nurses; I did not know.
   No one seemed to notice the enormous purple alien approaching. Didn’t they see the seven feet plus tall male?
   His presence had engulfed the room, but no one was paying attention to him. How could that be? He was massive. At least a foot taller than the men in the room, and they were all tall. His shoulders were broad, and the muscles defined. His face was shrouded in mist, and I could not see his features clearly.
   He was bleeding. Was he hurt? The thought alone caused my heart to constrict.
   Heading straight toward my body; would he finish me off? Was he there to take me to the afterlife?
   As if a whisper from a dream, I heard a doctor yelling, we’re losing her! Then the Heart Rate Monitor’s alarm went off. A flat line decorated the screen, and the sound propelled everyone into a frenzy.
   The male, though, was calm. I saw his lips moving, but couldn’t hear the words. When he placed his hand on my forehead—which was the only place on me that was not bloody or torn—it tickled.
   I giggled, and my body convulsed once again.
   That exact moment, he spun his head and looked straight at me.
   “You’re not dying on me, Colonel! You hear me?” the raven-haired doc ordered.
   As enthralled as I was with the alien, I paid the doctor no mind.
   “Come back now!” His voice carried the authority of someone who was used to being obeyed. I didn’t understand his language, but I sensed he was furious with me for contemplating giving up.
   When he realized I wasn’t responding, he bent and kissed my forehead.
   The sensation started as a light tickle, but then abruptly darkness engulfed me. The immense pain returned. The last thing I heard before I lost all consciousness was his sigh and the steady beep, beep the HRM emitted.


The first week after the operation passed by in a blur. Days ran into nights; Time meant nothing, and I often found myself drifting in and out of conscience. The times I was awake, I was either too numb or drowning in guilt.
   The nurses told me my father visited often. I didn’t remember seeing him, but today was my lucky day.
   Yay me. I can’t wait to find out what he thinks about me now.
   A soft knock announced his arrival. A figure larger than life entered my room.
   “Kalista the nurses told me you’re better today.”
   “Yes, General,” I replied, as he approached me, squeezed my hand, and let go to sit down on the chair next to the window.
   Hell would freeze over first before General Konnor Foster showed emotion.
   Awkward silence ensued when neither of us initiated small talk.
   Who’d break first?
   I had all the time in the world. He would have to return to his office at some point.
   He gazed outside at the fountain that decorated the hospital’s yard before he turned his steely gaze at me.
   Here we go…the discussion I was dreading all week was about to take place.
   “I’m sorry about your team. I know how much it hurts,” he said.
   I doubted it, but I remained silent.
   “Your mission was successful, and you were all awarded with Purple Hearts. You will receive yours once your return to duty.”
   “Purple Hearts,” I echoed, stunned. My team was dead and what did their families get for it, a freaking medal. As if that’d be any consolation.
   “I was also informed,” he continued.
   Oh great. What else is there?
   “You are getting promoted to Brigadier General. You will serve as a Deputy Commander to the Commanding General of the First Armored Division.” He smiled proudly.
   My throat suddenly felt swollen, making breathing impossible. Sweat beaded all over my body.
   My father jumped from the chair and came to my side. “Should I call the nurse Kalista?” he asked at the same time said nurse burst into the room.
   “Honey, what’s wrong? Your readings skyrocketed. Are you in pain?” she talked while pressing buttons, taking my temperature, and checking the tubes connected to my body.
   General Foster furrowed his brows.
   I was certain he was annoyed with her for coddling me. I managed to swallow and take a deep breath.
   “I’m okay. Just got some exciting news, that’s all. No pain,” I croaked.
   “Congratulations hon. Call me if you need anything,” she said and left the room.
   Getting a promotion was what I had been working so hard for. Working under Lieutenant General Jonas Spencer—the one who should not be named—would be like opening a Pandora’s box tailor-made for me, but I was no longer the naive and helpless girl I’d once been.
   I could deal with whatever he threw at me.
   I would.

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